A Family Affair ALH

            A Family Affair ALH can handle almost any need an elderly patient has outside of a hospital. We work hand in hand with in-house physical therapists, hair services, provide transportation to doctor appointments, work with all hospice providers, and much more. For residents who are not able to travel to their medical appointments, we can provide an in-call nurse and doctor service.  

           We are able to handle care with Dementia/Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, all types of Cancer, Diabetes, broken hip rehabilitation,COPD,kidney failure, respite care, and much more. No matter what the troubles your elderly loved ones may have, our staff will go out of their way to give them a superior quality of  comfort.

            Our services include but are not limited to; freshly cooked meals, laundry service, bathing, transferring, toileting, medication supervision/management, dressing, insulin administration( for Diabetes patients), and much more. Residents with colostemy bags or catheters are also welcome. Our goal is for all our residents to feel like they are in their own home, and feel comfortable to socializing, joining in activities, or just sit back and enjoy a movie.  In all of our rooms you can expect clean, nice furniture with a large size television.We have wi-fi Internet access and cable television in every room. An addition of a private phone line in your room is always an option Our public areas are cleaned daily, and our bathrooms are spotless.

           In addidtion, we offer a vast array of activites. Raging form relaxing walks on our quiet street that ends in Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve, to more challenging activites like Chess, Bingo, or card games. Our staff  can assist with all. Our activity calendar is always posted by the kitchen area. Ocassionally, we will have outside preformers for our residents. We are always open to any requests or ideas.