A Family Affair ALH


               Choosing the right option for your elderly parents' care can be overwhelming - there are so many alternatives. No matter what your particular need is, A Family Affair is here for you. We genuinely care, and offer the best environment for your loved one. We have an excellent qualified staff that listens, and goes out of their way to make sure your loved one is feeling comfortable and safe.

              Welcome to A Family Affair Assisted Living Home homepage. You have truly found the ideal place for your elderly loved one. We are a small home setting adult care home that specializes in all care that comes with age. A Family Affair ALH is licensed by State of Arizona and offers Personal, Supervisory, and Directed care.

             My name is Edward Ionescu, and I am the owner and care giver manager of A Family Affair ALH. When we call it a family affair, we really mean it. Myself and my wife Myra are part of the staff. We are courteous, polite, and full of patience. From the cooking, to the laundry, to the assistance, we take great pride in what we do. So enjoy some photos, and read more about us, then just call for an appointment, and we’ll love to hear how we can help you, or your elderly family member.

Do these troubles sound familiar with a loved one? If yes, then we can help!


  • Has difficulty with meal preparation and has poor nutrition
  • Fearful of being alone during the day or night
  • Wanders and gets confused
  • Fearful of bathing due to fall risk
  • Constantly needs supervision with dressing and grooming
  • Forgetful of safety around appliances
  • No longer safe to be alone